Menahem Simhony
Retired Associate Professor, Physics Section 5, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


1.  During the years 1952-1982 the author published over 40 articles in Physics Journals, on Solid State Physics, Semi-conductors, Insulators, Ferroelectrics, Photo-, Pyro-, & Acousto-electric Effects, Detection of Radiation, Conduction, Superconductivity, Methodics of Physics, and Biophysics.

2.  The author's work on the epola structure (CLICK for pdf download) of space is described in over a hundred articles in physics journals and presentations at physics meetings, starting from 1973.

The epola work is summarized in the Book:
3.  Invitation to the Natural Physics of Matter, Space, and Radiation,
World Scientific Publishing Co., 1994, (294 pages) ISBN 981-02-1649-1.
"This book will appeal to serious scientists and students as well as to the general reader, interested in scientific explanations of the physical world".
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The Book was preceded by the 160 page Paperback:
4.  The Electron-Positron Lattice Space, Cause of Relativity and Quantum Effects, Physics Section 5, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1990. Library of Congress #TX2-548-275.  The Paperback aims at the science-educated reader, contains all relevant mathematical derivations in detail, Bibliography, List of first 52 epola publications, Author Index, Subject Index, Glossary.

The Book was followed by a most popular 70 page Booklet:
5.  The Story of Matter and Space,   Physics Section 5, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1999. Library of Congress #TXU 790-547.

6.  A Hebrew Edition of the Booklet is also available.
7.  A German edition, prepared by Dr. P. Marquardt, can be obtained.

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