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The 'PAPERBACK' (below) has now been made available in Chinese from June 2012.

Prof. Zhang zhizhong of Beijing is publishing it as separate Chapters on his website:


SEE an excellent dynamic representation of the epola here:


 'If not the Higgs then what is kicking" - Understanding Inertia

(watch the videos)

The epola video also is here on YouTube:Godinci - Inertia revealed / understanding Inertia


Professor Menahem Simhony was honoured for his epola model at a presentation in Jerusalem on 10th November 2009.


Check out all the tabs on that front page for animated illustrations etc.as it continues to be updated by its founder Dr Peter Moore

The electron-positron lattice model of the vacuum space ......

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Introduction to the Electron Positron Lattice (epola)         * Includes highlighted links to Dr Allen Rothwarf's Aether model (ref 1) and to papers by  Dr.Montemayor Aldrete et al. (ref 7) on a Crystalline Vacuum Cosmic Space Model.

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FAQ - Answers to typical queries about the epola model, listen to discussions with Prof Simhony   

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Links to APS abstracts of epola presentations            

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Prof Simhony's home site - learn more about the epola in this archive of his original site  or learn more about Crystal Structures  

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Download a Full Listing of EPOLA Presentations and Papers (pdf file, 74KBytes)

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Download A Brief Guide to the Epola Model  (43kB pdf file;  3 pages A4)


Poster 2017 (pdf) showing summary of theoretical & EXPERIMENTAL investigations of epola structure.

DRAFT Paper (ver.6f : Investigation of Dark Matter Effects as a Consequence of Grain Boundaries in the Epola Structure of Space, dated Mar 2015 (Revision in progress (July 2017)

free to download 


'The Electron-Positron Lattice Space' (1990), (the "PAPERBACK")and "The Story of Matter and Space" (1999), (the "BOOKLET)"- available for immediate free download. as pdf files - Click on these images of the books for information.

see HardBack Book

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Guy Grantham,

the author of this site.....

Prof Simhony was accorded the honour of Prof Emeritus of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Oct 2006.

This site explores the work of Prof Menahem Simhony (b.1922-d.29Jun2015, pictured 2003) whose epola model of matter, space and radiation offers a leap forward for science in the twenty-first century

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( M.Simhony pictured at his home office, in 2003)


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About the author of this site.

I have worked in chemical research and manufacturing industry until retiring from the position of Technical Manager in 1999. My interests include techniques of analytical chemistry, photochemistry and process technology but with an overriding passion dating from about 1970 for theoretical physics. The epola model provided an explanation for most if not all of the hitherto unresolved mysteries I addressed whilst trying to develop my own theory of everything.  I hope you will find time to explore and enjoy the potential of Professor Simhony's epola model for yourself.

Please feel free to contact me at rgg@epola.co.uk and discuss its implications.


R Guy Grantham  MRSC,  

 Lincoln, UK  (formerly at Sudbury, Suffolk, moved home to Lincoln, UK in Mar2005)

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